Morning Rides

I’ve had the luxury of riding in the early mornings over the last couple of months so I thought I’d post a couple of my favourite routes. My criteria for a good morning ride is one that is quiet, simple, not too long and not too short.

Morning Rides

An Adventure of Micro Proportions

To the Müritz, Germany’s biggest (territorial) lake, there is technically a much bigger one, Bodensee or Lake Constance, but it’s shared with Switzerland and Austria.

Lake Müritz Lake Müritz in the morning

We met a racoon

We met a racoon on a ride out Brandenburg way. Racoon on a lead

Half Iron(wo)man

In the build up to this I alternated daily between trying hard not to think about it for fear of a nervous breakdown and obsessing about every tiny detail. Swim, bike, run

Potsdam and Critical Mass

It was Sunday the 1st of June and the weather was fabulous. It was the perfect day for a bike ride.

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