Southend Farm

Renovation of a 17th Century threshing barn and dairy into a venue that is being used for lots of different things. We used natural materials and traditional methods of construction throughout and were able to get our hands on some exciting materials including hemp batts, Glaster and lime-hemp plaster. I had the pleasure of working with and learning from the many skilled trades and crafts people involved in this project. This project won the Sussex Heritage Trust Commercial Award 2014.

Flint wall repaired and extended Existing rafters Repaired and replaced rafters New Roof to Barn Underfloor heating New floor being polished Kitchen construction Hemp batt insulation New oak cladding Landscaping Insect wall

Plan Arial view Polished floor Dairy building external Dairy building internal Fence design Gate design looking into main lawn Landscaping View throught fence Detail

Blacksmiths Arms

Renovation of a Grade 2 listed pub in a small hamlet in West Sussex. Before the pub was purchased by its new owners it had been shut down, in order to make it viable again the old living quarters upstairs where turned into B&B accommodation. Downstairs the existing rooms were remodelled to make better use of the space and a new kitchen extension was added to the rear (east). The pub garden was also overhauled and is now home to lots of raised beds and some chickens. You can find out more about the pub and their future here.

Sketch Front Elevation Sketch Rear Elevation Sketch Side Elevation Sketch Side Elevation Ground Plan First Floor Plan As existing As proposed

Existing Pub Existing Pub Sign Existing Patio New Pub New Patio New Garden

Meadow Orchard Project

Community self build, education and training centre for the Meadow Orchard Project in North London. This project is being built through a series of construction training courses where volunteers are taught building skills in return for their hard labour!

North elevation South elevation Site Setting out Rammed earth tyre Footing Cob Cob and strawbale Windows Walls complete Roof On Sketch

1930’s Retrofit, Renovation and Extension

This house was built in the 1930’s between the world wars and was in need of some tender love and care. We renovated pretty much everything including the electrics, plumbing and heating system and extended it to the side and the back. The extension was built using a mixture of ICF (insulated concrete formwork) and engineered timber I-beams full filled with Warmcel.

Original house Foundations Me setting out Ground floor construction First floor construction Roof going on Engineered timber I beams Ready to render Green roof in winter Green roof in summer Complete Wall construction detail

Barn Conversion

This is a lovely, understated 18th Century cattle barn that sits on the brow of a hill overlooking the Sussex countryside. It was lying derelict before it was converted into a family home. The conversion was based on Passiv Haus principles and built so that it could be removed and the building returned to its former use if necessary.

Original barn looking west Original barn south elevation South elevation detail Original tiles Existing foundations Designs Detail Repair Roof construction New roof Prep for cladding Almost complete Complete Services

Make Space

This project came about at the height of the recession which hit small and independent businesses in Brighton very hard. Many struggled with paying rent and were forced to shut down as they no longer had a base from which to work out of. This project looked into the viability of using the numerous existing empty buildings as locations for temporary rentable workspaces that could be self built and were reusable and recyclable. There’s an animation!

In Situ Anthropomentrics In situ close up 1 In situ close up 2 In situ close up 3 Prototype production Prototype assembly Prototype at Ecobuild Prototype complete


This installation was made for an exhibition at the Building Centre, London in collaboration with the charity RESET.

Plan Production Production Installed Installed From outside

In Progress

I am inspired by the enthusiasm and shared sense of ownership that self build and community lead projects evoke.

Preston Manor Walled Garden

These drawings formed part of a proposal for a community garden training centre based on the existing footprint of an old green house that used to sit in the grounds of the Preston Manor walled garden in Brighton. The training centre will help teach different community groups, particularly pensioners, how to garden and grow their own vegetables.

Sketch West Elevation Sketch East Elevation Sketch South Elevation Sketch North Elevation Sketch Plan

South elevation West elevation North elevation East elevation

The Brighton Permaculture Trust Strawbale Kitchen and Apple Press

The Brighton Permaculture Trust have just been given a lease on an old derelict tractor shed in Stanmer Park which they would like to turn into a community kitchen, where they will teach people how to cook with local produce, including apples from the orchards they help to manage in the park.

The tractor shed Inside Tractor Shed The Roof The Trusses Proposed Open Proposed Closed Proposed  Elevations Proposed Plan Proposed Site

Strawbale Classroom

This classroom will sit alongside the Earthship at Stanmer Park in Brighton and provide some additional teaching space for school groups visiting the site. It has been designed to be a community self build that would be constructed through a series of workshops.

Summer view from path Winter view form path Initail design Final design Plan and section


I also like to draw, to make things and to screen print.

Tour de Censored

Poster for The Cycle Hub and Saddle Skedaddle to celebrate the Tour de France 2014 grad d├ępart from Yorkshire, exhibited at The Late Shows 2014 Newcastle in the UK.

Original Poster Detail One Detail Two Detail Three Detail Four Detail Five Exhibition

Preston Manor

An illustration for the local community showing what the proposed training centre might look like in use, in collaboration with EarthWise Construction

Illustration Detail One Detail Two Detail Three

Southend Farm

These drawings were used as visuals for Southend Farm to show people what it would look like once work had finished.

Outside Barn & Kitchen The Lawn Inside the Dairy Building Inside the barn

City Birds

City Birds City Bird One City Bird Two City Bird Three

Berliner Vux

Screen print material pattern inspired by foxes in Berlin.

Pillows Printed fabric Pattern Test Vux One Vux Two


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